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Everybody Gives.

First of all, thank you!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Western New York’s first pay-as-you-can Community Café! Every amount is helpful and donations go toward underwriting our modest operating costs so that we can ensure that Everybody Eats.

Meet the Food Doodz! This team of veggies represent our delicious, nutritious mission. When you join our monthly giving on Patreon, you are directly supporting our work in the WNY community. From our location at 272 Hudson to the community we serve and beyond, this money is so appreciated. Staff training, café improvements, and continued growth is also supported by our Food Doodz. If you'd like to join, click the yellow button above.

(Fun fact, each Food Dood has their own favorite healthy hobby!)

A $12 donation at this link buys lunch for a neighbor in need! Even better, PayPal covers all transaction fees. You do not need a PayPal account to donate via this link, and you can make donations in the amount you'd like! (A donation of $100 dollars pays for 12 meals for neighbors in need!)

We believe in using local, sustainable produce as often as possible in our meals. Support donated to our partner farm, Plato Dale, helps to subsidize costs related to providing nutritious, delicious meals. Use the link below to donate directly to Plato Dale, where our dollar spends further. We love to use Plato Dale veggies, meats, and eggs in our dishes!

Are you a local farm or business? Our model centers around food rescue—if you have surplus, excess, or damaged inventory that might otherwise go to waste, we'd love to establish a regular schedule to receive product donations from you. Click on the button to email our Community Team for more information.

We accept donations of dry, canned, and shelf stable ingredients, fresh and frozen produce, and items on our wish list. Donations can generally be made Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 2:30pm.  For larger donations of goods, produce, or specialty items, please call the café during business hours to make arrangements click the link above to email our Kitchen Team. Notice: We may not be able to take large donations without prior notice.

buffalo coffee people!

Big Big Table would love to feature your coffee in our cafe. If you'd like to be a founding member of our Big Big Blend Coffee Club, click the link above for Gifts In-Kind and let us know.

The café receives donations of food as a means of transaction and maintains a wish list shared as updated on our social media accounts. If you are looking for suggested donations, the kitchen uses a lot of garbanzo beans (chick peas, chi-chi beans, you get it!), as well as other beans, fresh, seasonal produce from local growers, flour, sugar, and more. Target Shoppers: We love their clean, dry paper bags with handles and will absolutely take them off your hands!

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