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At Big Big Table, Everybody Eats, Everybody Gives, Everybody Matters. It's not just something we say, we mean it.

When you come into the cafe you have three different ways you can pay for your meal: money, donation, or task. You can also support Big Big Table through various donation and monetary gifts if you can't make it into the cafe. We have options of becoming a monthly donor through our giving platform or through Plato Dale Farm where we buy produce. You can also participate in food rescue or donating any of the items off of our wish lists.

 Take a look below to see how you'd like to get involved!

GiveButter is our new donation platform. If you've used our Patreon or PayPal accounts in the past, this transition should be an easy one for you.

On GiveButter you can choose to give a one-time or reoccurring monthly or yearly donation of any amount that you'd like. There are suggested amounts that tell you what your donation covers. Like $12 covers the cost of a meal for a guest. 

GiveButter is the easiest way to donate money towards Big Big Table. Use the link below to get started!

Plato Dale Farm is a farm that Big Big Table has partnered with to be able to get some of our produce. 

If you'd like to support Big Big Table by helping us purchase produce for the cafe, you can make a donation size of your choice to Plato Dale Farm and know that we will use that money when we buy produce.

Other Ways to Give

If you can't give monetarily through GiveButter or Plato Dale Farm but would like to be involved we have good news for you! There are multiple ways you can donate to Big Big Table.

Wish List:

Big Big Table always needs donations and we let our community know what we're looking for through our various wish lists. 

General Wish List:

These are items that we are always looking for as the kitchen uses them on a daily basis. You may not find these items listed on our weekly wish list but they are items that the kitchen would love to see. If you have any of these items, feel free to bring them in when we're open or if you're a business and have a large donation, get in touch! We'd love to schedule a time for us to come and pick them up from you.

Wish List (2).png

Weekly Wish List:

Our weekly wish list changes on a bi-weekly basis and can be found in the cafe and on our social media pages. This wish list is updated regularly and is what the kitchen is looking for either that week or in the following weeks. Again, feel free to bring in these items when we're open in exchange for a meal or if you're a business with a large donation, get in touch. We'd love to schedule a time to pick up the items for you!

Be sure to check out Instagram or Facebook page to know what the kitchen is looking for.

Amazon Wish List:

If ordering things online from the comfort of home is easier for you, no worries! Big Big Table has an Amazon Wish List that is updated regularly. This wish list will let you know what we are looking for and all items are shipped to us directly.

If you'd like to order off of our Amazon Wish List, use the button below.

Food Rescue

Big Big Table is on a mission to reduce food waste in Buffalo. We do this in a few ways. 

One: We work with urban farms throughout Buffalo to take their unused produce or produce that isn't quite up to snuff and turn it into delicious meals.

Two: If you are a restaurant or have a commercial kitchen, we can take your imperfects or items that are close to the sell by date. 

If you would like more information about how we can partner with you in this, reach out to us at We'd love to talk to you about other ways we can reduce food waste in Buffalo.

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